How much work has this bike done?

Looking at the bike in the pics below how much work do you think it will have done? The engine casing looks pretty worn in the forst picture, do they wear very quickly on yz's because the one on my wr is less worn and its done about 4500 miles, the seller of this bike claims its done less than 1000 miles. Is there anything else that looks strange / unusual about it? Its a 2007 yzf450 uk spec bike.

I am considering buying it as road legal yzf450's are pretty rare. Let me know what you think about the bike please.






They wear pretty rapidly. I got the paint down in no time.

the covers on yzs do generally wear out pretty quick. By the looks I would say its got 50-60 hours seat time on it. I think it looks like it was taken care of, because there is no dirt left on it, no dents in pipe, etc. But it also depends on how much the person is asking too. I would say that bike would run about $3500-$4000. I wouldnt personally want to give more than $3700 for it. Just see what you can do about bargaining with him.

So in general yfz engine cases wear a lot quicker than a WR case?

Also am i right that 07 bikes had wavey discs and 06 bikes did not?

i think so looks well taken care,and not alot of hours.another:thumbsup: for 3500-4000 bucks here.not to mention....a street legal yzf:banana:

You are right about the disks. The bike either damaged the seat, or was white at one time. That seat came with the LE models.

The graphics are FX repros of the '08 blues, and it looks like the shrouds are not too old. It could either be thst he did a color change, or that the bike went down hard at some point. Examine the radiators.

That seat cover makes me think it was a Special Edition White color originally (If the seat cover is original). Can't really see YZ case covers wearing any faster than WR case covers since they are made of the same material....come to think of it - probably exactly the same part too....

However, MX bikes tend to get faster wear due to the style of riding....then you have to factor in the rider as well, I know some guys who don't wear case covers at all, while others do nothing but wear them - personal body posture and foot position would dictate a lot of that.

Looks like a decent bike IMO and the street legal aspect alone makes it desirable.

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