2009 Yamaha WR 450 F Pipe glows red

I just got my new bike last night, Starting it for the first time. I noticed that the pipe was glowing red hot for about 6 inches of the pipe from the engine. This happens within about 5 mins of starting it. Talking to the dealer, they are telling me that the octane of the fuel in not correct and I should drain the tank and put high octane fuel in the bike. I have not had a chance to do this yet, had to work today. What do you all think?

I have an 07 WR450 and this is pretty common especially just idling. I run 91 octane with no problems. Once you get air moving over the pipe it cools things down but still remains very hot. The dealer should have told you this,in my experience I would take advice from someone in this forum before any dealer I have dealt with!

Your dealer is an ijiot.

They all do that.

They all come lean from the factory also. I was using 100 octane because of the predetonation I was hearing if I would lug the motor. As soon as I rejeted, all the problems went away even on 91 octane, including the glowing head pipe. I would also suggest that you disassemble and grease your suspension and steering stem bearings. The factory treats grease like gold.:thumbsup:

That is great info. I also called a dealer and got the same information about it running lean. I was also informed by that dealer that there was a notice from Yam. that less than 91 oct. fuel should not be used. I will try and drain the tank, and replace the fuel, and ride around a bit and see if I need to richen it up a bit.


They are lean but yours does not sound that bad. Mine would glow past the heat shield until I re-jetted. Blip the throttle wide open quickly a few times fast. You will notice the pipe cools immediatly. Duuuuuu...extra fuel is what causes the cooling. Your dealer is an idiot and blowing smoke up your wazzu. Just re-jet it. I used a JD kit witih same main size and their red needle. (forgot clip but I think 3rd) Works great. This has been discussed a million times here.

I am sorry that I repeated something already discussed. I did some googling.. and I did not come across any posts. I just join TT today. Should I have any concern over engine damage caused by the engine running lean.


These motors are pretty much bullet proof so I wouldn't worry about it. Check this forum to find the free mods and you will find there's alot more under the hood so to speak! Have fun with your new bike!

Mine has done this since the day I bought it and I have it jetted properly and always run 91 octane. You only see it while at idle in low light conditions. Once you start riding it goes away. Just don't let it idle for so long.

It's perfectly normal. Octane only effects the knock (predetonation), when you lug the motor. Too damn many people worrying about rejetting. If you are riding at higher altitudes, rejetting is an option though. The last damn person to ask advice from is the salesman at the dealership, though!:banana:

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