06 WR 450 fork spring change

How involved is it to change out the fork springs in a 06 wr 450?



I used these to change my seals and springs worked great I had never done anything with my forks before. I used my service manual and these vids and go it done in no time.

Thanks, never done anything with forks. first time

Thanks, never done anything with forks. first time

its rather easy to do a spring change...the videos above help and if i recall there is a good write up on the net...also the manual walks you through it as well...if you can read and turn a wrench you will be fine:ride:

Nothing to changing the springs, just be sure to break the caps loose before you loosen the forks in the mounts! If you're going that far though, I recommend that you go ahead and replace the seals, oil, and sliders while you have the forks broken down. All I used was the shop manual for guidance, and I'd never done forks before either. Putting back in worn seals and sliders would seem counter productive.

This bike has 250 miles on it. I would like to change out the springs and not remove the forks from the triple clamp if it can be done this way.

no, i wouldn't recommend doing them in situe, as you won't be able to get the correct oil level as they are on an angle when bolted on, its nothing to take them off the bike, just remove the front wheel and brake caliper, loosen the bolts in the upper and lower clamps and slide them out, it would be just as quick to take them off because you won't get the springs out with the handlebars left on.

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