Ring Nut Wrench

Hi everyone,

I am going to finally install my steering damper/triple clamp/pro-tapers today. While I have the bike tore down I am going to lube my steering head bearings.

My question is:

Do I need to purchase Yamaha's ring nut wrench or have you gotten creative and have an alternative?

Can I buy any ring nut wrench or what?

Thanks for any help you can give me


I looked at getting the special tool from Yamaha - I almost fell over at the price quoted... it is just a bit of flat bar with a curve and a 1/2 " hole cut in it, like a crowsfoot wrench.

Best bet is to use the a generic ring nut wrench or a punch to undo it, then, when doing it up, tighten it so the steering is binding a bit when you push the bars from side to side, and then back it off to a point where there is just a little resistance when turning the steering, not binding, but nott just falling under it's own weight either.

I was thinking of making up one of these tools, it would be like $2 worth of stainless steel 2" x 1/4" bar... not like the US$60 or so the dealer wanted...

Good luck,


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Damn....We still got people out there doing CAVE MAN MAINTENANCE! Punches, Hammers....David I'll bet you use a sledge hammer to get the fron axle back on don't you.

Dude, do yourseld a favor, Just get a pair of Channel Lock pliers and turn the nut in until it stops without leaning on it....That will about equal the 20 lbs that the book calls for....Then loosen it up 1/2 turn then back 1/4 turn, that'll equal about the 5 lbs the nut is supposed to be for the final torque.

All your doing with the first torque of the nut is ensuring that the bearings are properly seated in the races. once done there is NO need for massive pressure on the nut....You'll just kill the life of the bearing....

Man....Punches and hammers.....You guys are never gonna work on my bikes for sure....

Bonzai :)

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I just use a punch & a hammer to loosen then tighten the ring nuts, top & bottom. Make sure you do not over tighten.....Also, there are 2-bearings top/bottom..Make sure you lube both of them with a good waterproof grease. A 2nd person to hold the front wheel & forks while you lube will make this job easier

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