426 clutch on 400?

I have a bit of clutch chatter on my wr400 with a 444 kit.

Is the 8 plate 426 clutch a bolt on to the 400 motor?

Any ideas on the chatter, I have a new Hinson basket and new plates and springs all in spec.


Dont know first hand, but most likely. I put my old YZ125 plates in my buddy's YZ250F about 2 and a half years ago and its still running strong. (hes a very agressive rider too)

I talked to the Rekluse Rep last year. I wanted to take the auto-clutch from a 426 and put it in my '98. While I don't recall the details, the '98 was different from the later years.

If you look in the Rekluse catalog the zStart Clutch for the 400s is a different part number than the 426.

They were willing to talk to me even though I wasn't buying anything, maybe they will give you somehelp.

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