Body armour: Plastic or padded vest?

I am in the process of buying some protection gear since I'm getting older and faster. Choices are:

1- Buying a conventionnal plastic chest protector and a set of elbow protectors.

2- Buying a padded vest. I like the sinisalo one.

I'd like to get your opinoin on the two option for pros/cons. I never owned any protector but here is how I see it.

The vest is just one part and you don't have to tight the elbow in order to keep them at the right place. It has build-in belt and wrist protector.

With the Plastic chest protector you need the elbows and wrist protectors separately.

On a heat transfer side, I think the Plastic chest is warmer since you can wear it just over a motocross jacket and you have plenty of ventilation.

With a padded jacket, your can wear a t-shirt, the jacket and at the end a motocross t-shirt to protect against mud. You could also war a moto cross jacket and the padded jacket but mud and dirt will go on the padded jacket and you'll have to wash it every time. However this is a warmer solution than wearing a regular t-shirt. Just having the padded jacket and a motocross jacket over: is it still confortable?

What about movement freedom? On is better than the other?

Anybody has tried both?


520 exc 2002

Ex wr400 owner

Some of the most important parts of your body are located in your chest. I wouldn't trust some flimsy foam padding to protect these parts. Hands down - go with the chest protector.

You can always get an enduro jacket with built in elbow guards to wear over the chest protector.

I wear a Joe Rocket enduro jacket - it's for street, but has removable pads for the elbows, shoulders and back. I just leave in the elbows.

Good luck, Bud

I'll tell you that I prefer to have the chest protector and the elbows seperatly. I think it is difficult to have as much protection with a vest. For example, the plastic protectors are not directly in contact with your body on a chest protector, most chest protectors are bulb shaped a little so that there is space between your boddy and the protector (if your belly is not too big :)). The protector rests on your body at specific points where pads are added on the inner side for confort. That is also particularly true at the shoulder level. Your shoulder is in contact with a net over which the protector is like hanged but without being in contact with you shoulder... Hope I'm clear enough...

Still not talking about the elbows. Many elbow protectors are available that surpass by far what you can find on a vest...

I was trying to find a vest also but for my wife. She comes as a passenger sometimes when I'm dual sporting and a vest is plenty enough protection for her in that case (she is a little afraid so we ride slowly), If you want to buy a vest, try the six six one. IMHO, I think it's the best one.

He Math where are you in Québec? I'm in Montréal! Running wiht the FMSQ or ENdurozone?

Nope, just riding with my cousin who is my ridin partner and tech adviser :) for 13 years now, I'm 26 yrs old.

Do you go tho the MTL bike show this year? I'll be in MTL at that time.

my acerbis zoom plus chest protector has saved my butt more than once.....the first time when i slammed into a tree......and then when i did an un-planned stoppie and went over the bars , on the pavement. :)

I'd get the plastic chest protector if I were you. I have been using them for over 16 years. I love them and will not ride without it.

Anyone have a chest protector that they like. I have been looking at them as well and did not know which to go with.

I wear an acerbis zoom plus with great results and recently added the sixsixone elbow guards. This combo seams to work really well in all temperatures. I have worn one piece under jackets in the past that have all the guards including kidney belt built in but have stopped wearing them due to much heat generated in racing conditions. If heat is not a problem look at any street bike magazine at Bohm or Dianese protectors. I have worn both in street and dirt apps and they are the two best in my opion.

Good luck with your choices

I just got the new THOR one. It is called FORCE I think. I am a fairly good sice guy at 5'10 230 lbs. It fits me better than any one I have worn. I do not like chest protectors. I do not believe they offer nearly as much protectin as some people think. They will sto a stick to the lungs and let you charge through roost easier. I am going to try this one it fits well and is very adjustable. It comes in a cool blue clear stly that will look good on the Yammy !


Which elbow savers did you buy from 661, they have like 4 or 5 different models... Did you ever try their 2x4?

Looking to buy new ones...


I should be at the bike show, last year I was in the fmsq booth for half a day (volunteer). More people prefer the plastic armour to the jacket. I'll try a couple of them even if I was preferring the jacket. Great to have a lot of input!

The new ones from fox are cool. They are quite resistant also since my partner survived a crash in the woods at 80KM/h last May wearing on of these foxies. He had absolutely no injuries and the cage survived!!!!

I do not remember the model number but they are the ones that go from the top of your arm to your wrist with a wrap at the top and two across the forearm.

acerbis zoom 2 plus!!! If your a big guy it's the way to go


I had a bad getoff in which I did a yardsale onto the handle bar, that was sticking straight up with the other side firmly braced in the ground. (kindlike a tent peg)

I had just bought my first chest protector, unfortunatly, it was sitting in the truck at the time. I took the handlebar just under my ribs on the left front side. I landed with inertia and all my weight (245) on that one little impact point. The chest protector would have saved me:

An overnight in the hospital

A really neat pain medication delivery device

several weeks of slow moving recovery

cats scans, xrays, etc....

Did you know that if you are on percosets you wont poop until about three days after your done with the pills?? What fun!!

I have'nt been riding without it since. Everyone in the family has one now.

Get the plastic one!! If I had had it on the worst that would have happened is the bent bars which would have happened on that crash anyway.


Has anyone tried the full body armor like MTB DH guys use that goes under your clothes? Dainese makes the best example of this (also pricey), but I've seen pretty good examples from SixSixOne, and Azonic. They have the hard plastic panels on the chest, back, shouders, elbows, etc all integrated into a mesh suit. Integrated Kidney belt, turtle shell type spine protection kinda like the road racers use, and even hip, thigh, tail bone and knee protection in the full length version. Like I said the Dainese version is like 600 bucks, but if it works and you didn't have to buy all the other stuff it might still be a good deal.

I've been riding and racing for 30 years and have always worn the regular plastic chest protectors. It's time to get a new one and was intrigued by this idea.

I have the Azonic Z-5 and wont ride without it anymore. In addition to chest and elbow protection you get forearm guards adn a great back protector plus a kidney belt.

When you add up the cost of all the separate components it is a relatively good buy.

I thought it would be hot and restrictive but was surprised that once you start riding you dont notice it at all.

I need a larger size and have on for sale in the parts and accessories section.


I had a Dainese, but have gone back to "roost" deflector. I found the Dainese very restrictive and hot. I'm 6'1" and weigh in at 215. I got the largest one they made but still found it small. The spine protector is nice, but too long, it feels weird tucked into the back of your pants. Also the the chest protector is small, there is a lot of open area that I would take roost off of, plus the kidney belt is pretty cheesy and placed quite high, it came up around my diaphram. The construction is nice, but if your going to drop the dough make sure it fits everywhere. Also how do you wash it. It gets pretty dank in a hurry

what size is the Azonic you are selling? How do you wash yours. The other responder mentions that as a difficulty with these. I hadn't thought of that.

Also, do they fit under your jersey pretty well or do you have to go up a size?

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