Body armour: Plastic or padded vest?

I've always worn FOX Racing chest protectors.

A couple of years ago at the Elsinore GP I hit a chain link fence going about 50 mph, the bike hit the fence and flipped over on my back, the peg dug into my back. I've never felt so much pain in my life... I can remember trying to feel my legs to see if I was paralized.... Thank god that I was wearing a chest protector because I wasn't... I cried all the way home thanking god that I could still walk..... Just writing this gets me emotional... Please ALWAYS wear a good chest protector ALWAYS..........

I wear an Acerbis chest protector with plenty of front and back protection.(Plastic)

The foam stuff might help from getting roosted it will do little when getting a peg slammed into your back...

ALWAYS wear one!!!!!!!!


I am 6'4 and 270 pounds, is the acerbis zoom plus chest protector going to fit me? I have gone to the local dealers but they never have it in stock to try on. I was just wondering if anyone here is the same build.

I would think that a Tekvest like the snowcross guys have to wear would be the best for upper body protection. If I'm not mistaken they do make a motorcycle version and I think that a few TT members were getting them some time ago. I'm pretty sure that someone had been talking to the manufacturer and they were going to give TT members a discount. Does anyone have one of these and how is it? I currently wear an Answer protector which I'm happy with, but I've considered buying a Tekvest for the extra protection. Really curious to hear any feedback.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Yeah. lets hear from the big guys... I am 6' 6" and 270 (ish) and at AU$300, I wnat to know it is going to fit me. My dealer is pretty cool - he will return it if I don't want it, but I would like to know it will fit, because I have looked almost everywhere else for one that does...


Salut les gars,

I'll be at the bike show right at the opening. I hope to see some of you there.

Did you know there is an ice racing event in Sorel on Sunday ?



What model of Acerbis chest protectors do you use?

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