changing to 19" rear wheel, gearing?

Hi all, have a 05 wr450 with 14/53 gearing, just bought a spare rear wheel of ebay, got it cheap, only thing is its a 19", any one know what the closest gearing to 14/53 on a 18" wheel would be for the 19".

Gearing will be the same. Circumference from the 18 to 19 should be the same. Just on the 18 you have more side tread...

I ran my 125 wheel on my 450.The smaller tire,aluminum sprocket and lighter tube made a huge difference I never would have thought that I would have noticed it as much as I did.

thats great thanks,its off a 05 250f so it is narrower and feels a lot lighter, its a fairly new did rim yamaha hub, brand new wavey disc, and new bearings, delivered to the door for 80 euro(less than 100usd) so am well pleased with that

(less than 100usd) so am well pleased with that

you should be since you bought it...i sold my stock wheel for almost 300:banana:

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