OT: UK Vacation

Hey all you thumpers in the UK! The wife and I are going to Paris, England and Scotland. We have about 6 days after seeing Paris and London to spend in England and Scotland - I would really appreciate any and all tips on points of interest, Bed and Breakfasts, etc that you may have.

Thanks so much.


P.S. Wont't be taking my bike :)

Bud,what time of year you folks gonna be over here,6 days is not much time to get around the uk,but if you gonna make it up to scotland (i hope you do)then if you have enough time maybe we could meet up for a few beers and a bit of crack!,if you have any place in mind that you would like to see up north (highlands) i will try and help you in any way i can,hope you enjoy,regards,the captain.

In Scotland I stayed at a small hotel in Irvine paid for by my company. But we stayed at Bed and Breakfasts when we went to N. Ireland. It was better to stay with a real family than in some hotel. Costs less too. Not sure about Scotland and England, but in Ireland there were tons of B&B's. We would just drive then when it came time to find a place to stay we would pull into the first B&B we saw. Many times they would not have room but were very glad to call around until they found an opening a short distance away. Seems they all know each other. Be sure to go to Stirling and Edinburgh. Rail transport is first rate if driving is not an option. Both countries have very friendly helpful people. Pick up a travel book if you don't already have one. You will have a great time.


Scotland is great, you will love it. If you are going to travel within the UK, you can fly very cheaply through Easyjet and Ryan Air. They regularly sell tickets for less than £15 (excluding tax), taking you through the UK and into continental Europe. trains are reasonable, but very expensive.

If you want to experience some traditional accomodation, definitely try out the B&B's. They are generally very cheap, and can be good fun (some rather odd land ladies).

Americans love 'Bath' for it's Roman history. Loads od castles and all sorts of old ruins (Stone Henge etc) depending on what ever takes your fancy.

If you are in to diving, go to West coast of Scotland or Devon/Cornwall for some great scenery or wrecks.

If you coming near Buckingham, give me a shout.


warwick is a good stop over point

warwick castle and stratford upon avon etc

if you fancy a ride out somewhere i have a spare yzf u can borrow

Thanks for the great tips! I'll be there in the end of March/early April - probably can't do any riding (thanks anyway - that will have to be another entire trip :D)

I don't know how high up into Scotland I'll be getting, but I will keep the highlands in mind. I just wish I had more time there :)

Thanks again, Bud

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