New used 2002 WR 426???????

Just picked up a new to me but fairly well used 2002 WR 426...if I were to take it down to the dealer or local mechanic...what are the most important items to have them check/service?


PS: Who makes the best replacement plastics/graphics?

Welcome. I have good luck with UFO on mine. Check oil, valves, etc. You will be better off digging in and starting to learn to do it yourself. Invest in a good manual and get your hands dirty. The manuals are very informative and have lots of pictures for those of us that are not to mechanical.

Thanks DP...just got off the horn with a really nice guy from UFO and have a complete set of new white plastics coming...

Now, which graphics kit????????

And what weight oil you guys running? Synthetic?


You might want to do a search on oil. There have been many threads.

Best graphics kit? I picked up some black excels and white plastic for it...will powdercoat the frame black this summer! is the lamest question you guys have seen in a '08 wr450 starts real easy like with a push of the button. The 2002 wr 426 I picked up last weekend is HARD to kick...what is the proper procedure to start these things? How do you find dead top center?

Yeah I know I'm lazy and I will get the yz450 cam asap but for the next couple weeknds?


How many k's or miles has it got on it? That will determine to an extent what to check for re durability.

Been a while since I've had an 02, but off memory the start procedure was hold decomp in, turn motor over to just over top of compression stroke, release lever, no throttle, good strong kick. If that's what I used to do, it worked like a treat hot or cold as I can't remember ever having any starting trouble, unless the plug was shot, which go very quick (not often, but when they go they go quickly). Obvoiusly a bit of choke when cold.

Easy way? Install the decompression exhaust cam. Most folks do. Hard way; I used to bring the kickstart lever down untill it got firm (all valves closed, piston is near bottom and beginning compression) then you pull in the decomp lever and bring the Kick start lever down about an inch or two. Then you release the decomp lever, never touch the throttle, bring the kick lever to the top of it's travel, then a full kick. You want full travel. It's easy to kick then and you don't need real speed, just the full range of the kickstart lever. You need some compression to start, but you'll never compress the entire stroke with leg power. I used to be afraid I'd break the kick lever by occasionally messing up.

Remember, the decomp lever system can hang open(dirt and grime in the shaft). That thing makes one exhaust valve open just a touch. If it hangs open, you can lose compression and it might not run or run bad. You will save yourself plenty of piece of mind, energy and time to install a decomp cam. Either hotcams or the later model stock Yamaha cam. Just my opinion. Good luck either way.

I second the upgrade to an auto decompress cam, best mod I have done to date. Not only makes it easier to start but takes away that hard hit in the mid range making the power delivery more fluid. Here are some instructions if you are interested.


Thanks ya'll! Just got back from a ride up in Johnson Valley and had a blast...I figured out the starting procudure but will still get the decomp cam put in this summer.

The more pressing issue (after today) is the White Bros R4 pipe that is WAY TOO LOUD for my taste...will the Raptor 660 baffle work on this pipe or do I want to look for a YZ pipe or FMF Q ???

TIA as always!

they are really east to start when you know how........

without pulling in the compression release, kick easily (not an attempt to start) until you can no longer push down.

now pull the compression release, kick downward about an inch or 2, RELEASE the compression release, allow kickstarter to go bock to the top.

at this point you now KICK IT LIKE YOU HAVE A PAIR.

if it does not start, redo the process.

gets easier the more you do it.

No doubt you are exactly right and the more times I kick it the easier it gets! Thanks for the 411!

Now, How the heII can I live with that R4? What is the skinny for shutting that thing the heII up?

TIA, Zimm

They may sell a quiet core insert, usually a perforated steel cone that installs under the endcap. Many of the muffler makers do. If they sell one, it takes 5 minutes to install. Have you repacked it yet? Some pipes burn out very quickly. Before I spent money, I'd try to repack it myself. Maybe the last guy didn't do it or didn't do it well. Just a thought. If it comes to it, My YZ426 (2002) is quiet with an FMF Q2 silencer. It still makes good power but is not near as loud. Jetting it correctly took some time. Good luck.

My bike had a WB e-series when I bought it, WAY too loud for me. The guy gave the stock exhaust when I bought the bike so I put it on. I don't ride fast enough to need to squeeze every little bit of power out so it works just fine for my needs (pea shooter removed). You may be able to pick up a stock WR or YZ system off eBay. I hear the YZ system is ok once you add a quiet core insert and a spark arrester.

all you ald men and their quite bikes. wear ear plugs haha.

when noise levels are a problem for me depending on where i am riding, i got an insert mad by gyt-r bolts on in 2 minutes. and after you get the jeting right, jups you right back where you were.

for me, i leave it uncorked who cares how loud it is, your in the desert.

Thanks all!

Anybody have (or know of one) a YZF or WRF pipe for sale???


all you ald men and their quite bikes. wear ear plugs haha.

when noise levels are a problem for me depending on where i am riding, i got an insert mad by gyt-r bolts on in 2 minutes. and after you get the jeting right, jups you right back where you were.

for me, i leave it uncorked who cares how loud it is, your in the desert.

Just trying to keep as many riding areas open as possible junior! Unfortunately loud exhaust systems are why some riding areas have been closed and others are in danger of being closed! :banana:

just find top dead, you will know when you cant kick it any more. just grab the decompression lever once really quick, then kick hard. Repeat as needed. Works for me every time.

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