Street legal WR450

Just thought I'd tell those of you that want to make your 450's street legal, that I installed a 03 YZ rear fender on my WR450 then I mounted a UFO rear tail light under it like a KTM or DRZ. It looks good, very clean plus the fender is much lower for swinging your leg over. And now I have a place to mount a license plate. You do have to do some cutting on the fender for the over flow bottle.

I just did street legal with the stock fender. But I like the idea of it being easier to swing your leg over the bike. Any pictures? I think a lot of people would like to see that modification.

I'd love to show you pictures, but I have no idea how to do it. If someone explains, please do it in laymans terms, and talk very slowly, cause I am computer illiterate.

If you have digital pictures, pick the best views you have (up to 4 views) and email them to me at: I'll show them in a post as your bike conversion pictures. I can upload pics now but it's too much for me to explain properly. Jim

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