YZ426 Gearing

Hey guys, I need some help on picking my new sprockets. I am tempted to just buy an assortment of cheapy rings and find what works and then buy that size in some that are to my liking. I ride an 01' YZ426 that I am setting up for desert riding. I am running an E-Line stator which adds a second 11oz fly wheel. I was running a 14/50 setup and I lost my low end big time with the added FW weight. I dropped to a 13 front I had on hand and it woke it back up. Now my top speed on GPS is only 51.5 and its reving out big time.... lots of torque left :thumbsup: . What should I be looking at with this added FW weight to keep my bottom end but be able to hit say 60-65 on my top end?


I would have expected the FW to improve the bottom end not make it worse. If you check the threads on FW weights you will notice they are usually recommended to improve bottom end and 'lugability'.

I therefore suspect you have some other problem and the first I would check is the ignition timing as this may have been affected when you changed your flywheel. Next I would check the valve timing.

Well, maybe I am explaining this wrong, maybe not. It is like a tractor now in the tight technical single track stuff, but I used to be able to chop the throttle to bring the front end up real quick when needed to get over obstacles. After the E-line was installed I lost that and the snappyness I once had. The bike would rev out much slower because it had all the added FW weight to deal with. The E-Line is a completely separate stator from the stator used for the starting coil. Any idea if I dropped the rear to a 48 or 47 tooth how it would affect the low/high end? I heard 1 tooth in the front is the same as 3 in the rear roughly.

I know stock is 14/49 and in the desert I run that and I have a good top end and I can still hit the throttle and bring the front end up any time to get over things.

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