Power up kit w/piston and cam and stuff?????

Has anyone have any info about the powerup kit wich includes a new piston, cam, cam chain and lots of other stuff. I saw it on the servicehonda.com page for BRP's. Has anyone any experience with such a thing. Not sure why anyone would need more power but than again I am running out of things to bolt on to this thing.

I've talked with a number of people who've installed this kit and heard various opinions from them. Several guys have told me they thought it sacraficed a little low end power, but significantly increased the mid and especially the upper end. You can also closely duplicate this kit for much less money from various sources such as from Barnums Pro Products www.barnumspro.com. Make note that you may want to use a higher octane fuel with the high comp piston in this kit. I've been told from some people with this kit that 91 octane works fine while others have said 91 doesn't cut it :) I've never tried it, so I don't know.

Another less expensive option would be to install a more agressive cam and they are fairly inexpensive. Barnums has several tested grinds to choose from (more low end torque, or more top end power, etc.) and they can also give you a custom grind if you know exactly what you want. I think it was Dirt Bike magazine who did a speed shootout with various bikes including the XR650R last year and the Honda guys chose not to use the high comp piston and said the HRC cam did the job nicely by itself for what they needed.

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