Exhaust options for a 08 WR450?

Looking at some exhaust options but can't decide.

My options:

1. A 35mm tip on the stock exhaust (free)

2. YZ exhaust system

3. Dubach ATV exhaust (full system)

Regarding Dubach exhausts, what is the main differences between the ATV pipes and the MX ones?

Is there much of a performance increase with the ATV systems in comparison to the MX ones? There's one of these exhaust systems going cheap at the moment so I'm not sure whether I should get it or not. enticed by the fact it isn't loud.

Also what is a 'step up' ?

On a side note - if I change the tip of the stock exhaust to a 35mm should I have my jetting changed?


The ATV systems are probably for the yfz450.

There are two Dr.D systems one with a spark arrestor and one without. Depending on the laws in Australia you might need the one with the spark arrestor.

YZ exhausts are plentiful on ebay and probably the best bargain unless you find a deal on an aftermarket can. Thing is they need to be fitted with a spark arrestor (at least in the US) to be legal on public lands.

The 35mm insert into the stock exhaust is only a minor improvement. You're still limited by the internal baffle system of the stock muffler. You will need to re-jet if you're doing a bigger insert.

Cool thanks for the info mate. As far as I'm aware there is nothing to say I need a spark arrestor to ride on public land.

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