Coast Range 100, Review

"Trailsmen Club" I like that term! It's about time we used some "feel good" terminology, God knows the wacko enviormentalist's have made it work for them for years!! There's alot of people that would contribute to a club with a name like that. :):D

Just Raced the OMRA Cross Country Race, The Coast Range 100, put on and hosted by the Trailsmen club.

This race was in the Tillamook state Forest, West of Portland, Oregon.

Located in the coast range mountains, it consisted of some of the best riding imaginable. High speed fire roads, I mean tapped out in 5th for some serious road sliding. Some super fun intermediate speed single track, with nicely rutted, bermed corners to roost around and some killer goat track, 1 foot wide, fall of the cliff type riding.

I was really impressed with the route selection, hats off to the Trailsmen, good job.

I highly reccomend if any one has the chance to ride in the Tillamook Forest this summer, do it. Stage at the Jones Creek area, for some of the better, less used trails. Good camping right on the river is availalble too.

Yah, it's good riding round here, but Forestry just put the whole forest into restricted fire season. Couple of blocks open but the best is locked out. Happens every year. You get used to it. These woods have a nasty reputation for massive burns, hence the name, Tillamook Burn

Be casual, Puck

>>>Stage at the Jones Creek area,

I though Jones' creek was near Washougal; is there another Jones' creek near Tillamook, or do you mean Jordan creek?

Yep you got it, slip of the key board. Jones is in WA and Jordan in OR. Both are excellent riding areas.

Did anyone ride the Silver Dollar Poker Run? I ran it with a buddy and had a blast. I love Brown's/Jordan Creek, much more to offer than Jones Creek. If you guys are up for a ride to Gifford Pinchot we are going Aug 14-15. PM me if interested. Ryan

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