Vacation/Ride in Colorado

A group of buddies and I are planning a dirt bike vacation in Colorado this summer. In years past, we've stayed in Crested Butte and in Ouray, both great places for dirt bikes. I'm looking for suggestions for other great dirtbike towns/areas. We are currently looking at the Avon/vail valley area. Some are concerned that this might not be dirtbike friendly? We like cool towns and a lot of riding options. Thanks for feedback.



Cant speak much for the Vail/Avon area, as I'm not familiar with any of the riding there (if any).

I can tell you that Grand Junction/Fruita is a great place to go (if you've already done the Ouray/Telluride/Crested Butte thing). There's the Uncompaghre NF about 30 minutes south of Grand Junction that was pretty nice (some fantastic VERY TIGHT single track in places). Also, around Fruita, there's the Rabbit Valley area with some great rides as well. You might even consider doing the Kokapelli Trail (from Fruita to Moab)...about 100 miles 1-way...just dont do it like I did in late July when it was 110 degrees!

Personally, I like the Crested Butte area the best...but this is also a good alternative with lots of riding options.

There's plenty of other places, but I'll let other folks give you the updates on them...

Whatever you decide to do/go, you'll have a blast!


Im sure others can give you more info than I but my personal favorite is the Ranbow Trail in Salida. Talk about switchbacks and narrow trail. Some of those trails were no more than 2 feet wide and were a straight drop off!

Im not even sure how far that goes but we rode forever and had to turn around and take the highway back to the truck for fear of running out of gas.

Does anyone know how far the Rainbow Trail goes?

Milk if you start on the west side of 285 and go all the way to Dunes Monument about a 100 miles...... give or take 10. :)

Hey Milk,

Is that Salida Kansas. If so, tell us more about it.

That would be Salida Colorado and I belive you are speaking of Salina Kansas. :)

Taylor park. Im supprised no one mentioned it. I went there 2 years ago and had a blast. Lots of mountain passes to ride.

Doctors Gulch is awsome as is timberline ridge trail.

Lots of places to explore on the back of a bike.

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