WR450 Grey wire

O.K. Ia'm going to ask once more, if not I'll do it myself. Has anyone actually unpluged the grey wire rode the bike then hooked the wire up again to see if it really makes a differnce, and if so what kind of differce does it make? I have this feeling that it makes no differce at all. But I've been wrong before, I remember it I think it was back in 89.

I have had mine plugged and unplugged several times in the coarse of trying to iron out my jetting. Once I discovered the timing problem from sheared woodruff key and got the bike jetted right I tried again and noticed that throttle response from closed to 1/2 throtle is much improved. The best way I can describe it is the bike revs out faster with a more linear throttle response. Before grey wire it was like a good low range and then hold on for the top. Now it is seamless power from bottom to top. Hope this helps.

I cannot compare connected vs. disconnected because my dealer did the mod for me before I picked it up. I will say, however, that I have had no issues with performance or starting with it disconnected and will leave it so. Good luck!

Just cut the wire. I did on my 2001 WR and noticed a slight difference. It's barely noticeable, but every little bit helps.


Dealer told me that the WR450 revs to 13,900 and didn't see the need to disable the rev limiter(grey wire).Can anybody explain! :)

00 DRZ400E sold 2/2/03

03 WR450F 2/3/03 not ridden yet cuz all its been doin is snow & snow & snow... :D :D :D

dealer is dumb. bike does not rev that high and the grey wire i think controls more than the limiter. my bike was fron CAnada and did not have a grey wire.


need some information on the jetting of the WR450. I am going to set the bike with the std YZ450 jets to take care of the lean running when the pipe is unplugged and the throttle stop is cut. Please let me know of any experience with teh jetting.

Grey wire is for sound and emission fix so that your(US) green fellows can be happy (if that is possible at all). Here in europe we get the bikes without it :)

when i picked up my bike, the mech. unplugged the grey wire,tried to start the bike..wouldnt start. checked the spark....nothing. pluged the wire back in, fired right up.

is there any way to disconnect the wire wrong, as to cause the no spark problem ?

There has been an excellent post on the WR250 forum on the technical workings of the grey wire. The thread is here

There has been lots of talk about the WR450 Grey wire but I don't know if it still exists or not.

I disconnected the grey wire and mine still ran.The bike seemed stronger in the midrange and like it revved quicker.Maybe it was all in my head but it didn't cause any problems so i'll leave it disconnected.

I'll post a pic of the one i took out if it'll help.


that might help.....thanx

Here is the wire i took out.I used a pic to lift the tab and pull the wire out.I put a dab of silicone in its place to keep water out.I then taped the wire to the outside of the connecter.


hey blue one where is that plug located? behind the right schroud? under the tank? or at the flywheel?

It is under the tank. :)

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