YZF like performance? Here it is for the '01/'02

WR owner's. If your looking for that last bit of YZF like power, here it is. I have the base plate ignition with rotor for sale off of my '01 YZ426F. It is in the "Parts and Acess" forum. Look under "Poster" for Maniac998 and you will find it. I'm selling it for $100. What it does is give you the quick rev's identical to the YZF, by lightening the reciprocating mass of the engine. For you guys that like to race MX with your WR, this would be ideal! Bolt it on for the race and get those quick rev's you've dreamed about. And you always have your other one to switch back to. I have finally given up on MX, so I see no need for me to keep this. Thanks, Maniac

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