Thinking of Switching Over to No-Smoke!


Either the WR or the YZ are good choices. I have ridden both and can say the both are equal to themslevs.

Depending on what you want to do with it and ride , is based on the bike you want.

I have an 00 yz426, love it cow trail it, woods and WFO it. Handles the same everytime "GREAT"

My buds 2002 wr426 is a blast and a sweet change of pace. Its easier to ride I think, not so on the pipe as the yz per say, but pulls just the same. Is better in tight woods stuff.

Just really depends on what you want.

I have no complaints on the yz, Except the seat is a pain in the hemi's :)

Sounds like I need to look into the WR for the woods stuff.

A am in total agreement on the YZ seat. Dangit, talk about monkey butt to the maximus.......

Thanks for the input.......

E.G.O. " both are equal to themslevs" ??? :):D I think "HE" is starting to rub off on you!!!I know You know who I'm talking about!!! :D:D

Rooster13, you will enjoy either one. Both great bikes. YZ is quicker by a small margin, but won't keep up with WR top speed on a fast road or trail unless you gear it way up. Then you have no first gear for tight stuff. If you moto, the YZ is probably better.

You won't be disappointed with either.

EGO, these guys are giving you a real ration lately. Wassup widdat?


I don't have any experience with the YZ, but I can vouch for the WR hurtin the little tooshie too. I am still waiting for butt cheek muscles to fully develop :)

I may have to look into a replacement seat with lots of baby soft cushioning.


Hi guys. I'm new here, nice place, by the way. I am currently, and have always been riding two-smokers. My riding is mostly just trails, strip mines, etc.

To the chase. My current bike is a '00 YZ250, and I am looking really hard at getting a 426F for my next toy. Are the differences in the WR426 and the YZ426 tranny pretty significant? I love the power of my YZ, and the gearing, so I don't want to get the WR and feel let down. I haven't gotten the chance to test ride either model (cripes, I'm beginning to think I'm the only trail rider in Iowa), so any and all of your input is appreciated.


The seat is the only thing I can complain about on my YZ. Rock hard. I try to stand up as much as possible, but a lot of the riding I do has overgrowth that leads to a lot of face slapping branches.

I don't moto, can't jump to save my life, so the WR sounds like my weapon of choice.

I will, of course, keep the 2-smoker, I mean, shoot, it's payed for!

Thanks for the replies.


HUh :)

No you funny too

I know, He knows, Who knows What?

Give me a glimps of your delusion :D

I rode a yz250 and a yz426 then bought the wr 426 and really like it-made the right choice-except maybe to wait for 2003 (electric start). But, the easiest way to relate to the difference is if you ever drove basically the same car with a hot small block chevy and then a built big block. Both will rip but the big block just has gobs of torque right off idle where the small block has to wind up a bit to get there. So you drive them differently. For what its worth..... Mark

Rooster13 welcome to the 4 stroke world. You really can't go wrong with either bike. The WR model is more at home on the trails, but the YZ gets around fine too. I have a YZ and have no real problems getting around in the tight stuff. The above responses have said it all.

It boiled down to what was available on the used market in my area, thus the YZ. A WR would have been my 1st choice at the time. No regrets though!

You're in a win/win situation. Have fun.

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