kick starting !!

anyone having trouble kickstarting there wr450's? kick starting seems to be getting worse as the bike breaks in. the first day i got it ,it started up on first kick. now it takes like 10 if not more to start it. do you think i should go up to a 72 starter jet ? once the bike runs and i stop it ,i push the e-start and she starts right up. i think it has alot to do with it being cold and the fact i hadn't ridden it in a few days. any suggestions guys?

What jetting and mods have you done? My bike kicks over easier than any for stroke I have ever owned.

160 main 48 pilot ,snorkle and baffle removed.

Read some of the post on jetting and play around with the fuel screw setting. Also are there ever any strange grinding noises or hicup type backfires when you use e-start? If so it is probally a good idea to check your woodruff key. I chased my tail for two weeks with jetting and starting issues before finding out my bikes timing was off from flywheel spun on broken woodruff key.

UTVLOS! Did your bike run at all with the timing off?

the bike starts right up with the e-start no funny noises or anything.

Why are these shearing so much?

How did you remove the flywheel. I thought there wasn't a tool out there yet to remove it.

My timing was off just enough to have me chasing a jetting problem. It never failed to start or run it just kept running bad. I used the puller from the shop I bought the bike from to pull the flywheel and replace the woodruff key. The jetting I originally came up with is in the bike now and seems to run great at this point.

As soon as I get some more time on the bike I will play around with the YZF jetting some more.

Usually but not always.. when the woodruf key is sheared the flywheel will pull off by hand very easy. not always but most of the time.

so if i sheared the key than how would my bike start? it still starts just takes a few kicks

Sometimes a sheared key only moves the flywheel a very small amount, so it is possible for a bike to still start since the timing would only be off a little bit.

Also an offset woodruff key is one way to change ignition timing on an engine.

Jim, I just wanted to tell you that my shop checked my rotor bolt torque and pulled the flywheel off and retorqued several times per Yamaha instructions, as a preventive measure for the woodruff key problem so there must be a tool out there. BTW I've never had I problem yet,but I still think about the woodruff key once or twice every long ride. I am suprised that it didn't happen to more bikes if there was a problem...

WR250fla: Where in Florida ? Lakeland here.

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