Broken Carb Vent

One of the vents on my '99 WR broke off last fall, on the older style carbs there is a plastic vent coming off each side of the carb. The vent "t's off where one vent tube goes straight down the other goes up and then makes its way down or in my case to the airbox.

In order to fix this problem, I plan to plug the broken end and run the tubes off the "other T". My question is I need to vent it in both directions or

can I just vent it one direction ...either under the motor with the other vents or to the airbox?

Thanks in advance!

Do you have any pictures, I broke one on my 2003 wr and I was lucky enough to get a small screw and drill an even smaller hole in the center and then screw in the screw into the broken T and reattech a hose on the screw.

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