flywheel weight

Do you think a 16oz. flywheel weight will be to much for a 04 yzf 450?or should i just stick with a 13oz.

41 views and nobody has an opinion?does anyone know if a 16oz.fww will take away to much of the snap?

It mat be your avatar:banghead:

what a guy cant ride more than one brand of bike? I ride what gets me there.

Not a problem, I own both myself....I'm just saying you may be in downtown Pittsburg wearing a Cardinal's jersey!

To answer your question, I just bought a factory GYTR flywheel for my yz450 but haven't had the time to put in on yet, I'll let you know

I ran the 8oz GYT-R offroad on my '03, and it was nearly unnoticeable. I doubt you would loose an unacceptably large share of the low end hit, but the engine will certainly run smoother in that range.

Thanks for your input guys.

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