YAMAHA WR Owners I Have a Question?

I'm 6'5" and weigh about 270 lbs.The suspention is perfect for me in the woods but a way soft on the track.I've let alot of people try the bike and they all thought the thing was cushy.I think I'm around 4 clicks stiffer on the fork compression and 4-5 stiffer on the shock high speed than stock.

Like the man says,try it first if you can.Just remember,you will find a place where you will want more power,just with a faster bike it won't happen as often. :)

THUMPINGOOD,I sure you will be pleased when you get your new WR450.For me it was either the WR or a KTM 520 EXC.I rode a 520 and I liked the power but I did'nt like the suspension or the handling.The WR on the other hand has much superior handling out of the box,and the power delivery is a bit different,WR's like to be revved,that suits me.I was able to outfit my WR to my liking and STILL come in 800 bucks UNDER KTM's price.My KTM owner/friend reallys drools over my bike when he sees all the goodies I put on it.If it was'nt for the fact that he was vertically challenged, I think he would have bought a WR.Now what you really want to know- the drag race-How does within a bike length sound?? Rather impressive I thought.We BOTH backed down on the sand-washed road,we BOTH got SKEERED!!!!!! Bottom line, these bikes have more POWER than an average trail rider needs,as long as it scares me I like it :D:D:D:D

You can still putt this bike around and never know you have your legs wrapped around a BLUE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!


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