what size fork seal driver 01 426?

I know they are 46mm forks, is that the size of the driver also? I was going to order one, but holy cow, 57 bucks seems like alot. is there something else I could use? this is the first time I've done this. any advice? I watched a clip showing me how. What other tools do I need? can I get by with a regular wrench for the caps?

I know they are 46mm forks, is that the size of the driver also?
Yes. People have cobbed up substitutes from PVC pipe, but they don't work nearly as well as the real thing, and the real one won't damage the seals as easily.
can I get by with a regular wrench for the caps?
You might, but it's not advisable.


  1. Read the manual
  2. Loosen the upper triple clamp bolts BEFORE loosening the caps.
  3. Loosen the caps while the lower triple clamp still holds the forks.
  4. Read the manual
  5. You DO NOT necessarily have to remove the damper cartridge assemebly from the forks to do the seals
  6. Read the manual

my 99 400 used 46mm seals and a 46mm driver...and IMO the seal driver is a great tool, would not do a set of forks without one.

It didn't have the size of the tool in the manual, just the part number. Thats why I asked, I'll try to do more homework before asking to many questions.

The reason I stressed reading the manual is because Japanese translates poorly into English, so it can be difficult to figure out what they are trying to tell you, and because the refilling procedure is written no more clearly than any of the rest of it, AND because so many people forge ahead without reading, getting themselves in trouble in the process. Nothing personal.

I just found a fork seal driver for 37 bucks. I appreciate your help, and thanx to all you guys I'm finally rising this yz from the grave, with a different engine. just a few more things and I'll be taking it for a spin.

that's a pretty good price on one. I have a bud I ride with all the time and we use each others tools alot. We needed a seal driver and i bought that, we needed a torque wrench he bought that.... works out pretty good that way.

post up some pix's when you get it done.

btw how cold is it in alaska.......

I'll post some pics, it won't be anything spectacular, but I'm pretty happy its running good for now.

Its not that cold here in anchorage, about 20. we had a warm spell a week ago, got up to 40. It was colder in washington dc that day. the week before that it was -20.

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