Got spoke???

So the wife and I are digging out our planter in front of the house last weekend when I hear the wife shout those 3 little words... "hey what's this". With the appropriate fear and apprehension expected of a husband, I look over expecting something bad and am mystified as she picks up a spoke out of the front yard. Somewhat amused, I begin to mention that this is a stupid place for some "dipstick" to be leaving his shiny new spokes laying around. Well as I'm talking to the spoke asking it where his home is... I realize... anything that shiny ain't been in the yard long... so I take the offending spoke to the rear wheel of my baby and sure enough I find his home, 4 friggin times!!! Yup, four big empty spaces, yet all the nipples are in place. And yes I checked, the front is still perfect.

So I'm sitting in disgust, staring at my bike, trying to figure out &%$#@! could drive 4 spokes out of the rear wheel like that. Lets see... vibration... rocks... whoops... poor spoke tension... a magic wand... riding the 91 fwy to my drive test last month...

Hmmm... that last one stands out. Not that I travel there much, if ever, still I'm not to comfy thinking that I'm getting 7.5 miles per spoke on the freeway. And why did they all come off the back wheel... I think I'm lost.

Anyway, I'm perplexed to say the least. Since my first 80 way back when, I don't think I've lost more 2 spokes in 27 years of riding, much less 4 on one ride. Best as I can tell, just taking the freeway to Riverside, like 15 miles each way, cost me 4 spokes. What's up with that???

Anyway, my questions are:

1.) Anyone currently loosing/lost multiple spokes on their YZ or WR or ??. Is this model year specific possibly???

2.) Can anyone say, "There MUST be something dramatically wrong with your ___________ to loose 4 spokes like that."???

3.) Anyone think I need to trash/replace my spoke set or all the nipples or both now that this has happened???

4.) Is loctite-ing all my spoke nipples really as retarded an idea as it seems???

5.) Can someone recommend a decent shop in the Socal area to get my wheel respoked/renippled whatever by a "pro"???

6.) Or should I just buy 3 new spokes and button things up as best I can???

By the way, the bike is a plated '99-WR400 that is otherwise stock. It's street legal except for the 739's I am running in defiance of the DOT's wishes. Could maybe the 91 + 739's = 4 missing spokes??? Anyone...

Thoughts... suggestions... HELP?!?!?!

[ July 22, 2002: Message edited by: big_G ]

I have no idea how/why they came out. I've only ever broken them. Usually it's a real PITA just to turn the nipples.

If you need some spokes I'll send you some. I needed a few last year and found you could only order a full set. Another TT'er had some left over (thanks *MIKE68*) and sent them to me. I'd be glad to pass them on.

[ July 23, 2002: Message edited by: tbronc ]

So it isn't just me. I had that on my old '90 YZ, lost spokes in the rear wheel only, and it was fresh off the dealer floor. Two rides in, and I was missing three spokes. I, too, had to buy an entire set just to rplace a few spokes.

ask the wife, her innocent "hey what's this" that's just a diversion :D:)

I am paranoid about my rear wheel spokes and I constantly check them. On one ride last year, my rear wheel felt a bit squirrelly and I stopped to see what was going on. The rear wheel felt loose, so I assumed at first that it was my wheel bearings, but it was my spokes. Every single one of them was loose! I had just recently (within a few weeks) checked all of them. Luckily, none broke or fell out before we were done riding. But I had about an hour of spoke tightening when I got home. I had to use vice grips to hold the spokes as I tightened them. Now, I closely monitor my spokes to keep that from happening again. Ever since I did that, I have not had a problem with them. A friend of mine with a YZ426 has a new spoke and nipple kit on order right now because he had the exact same thing happen with his rear wheel as big_G did. I guess it's just another common problem with these bikes.

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