06 Ti-pipe on Aluminum frame

So I have this beautiful complete Titanium Pro-Circuit exhaust system here sitting on my shelf (cost me US$850 in 2006) designed for the steel frame (until ´06) which I used on my old bike. I already know that it does not fit my new WR450F 2008. I now run the Pro Billet insert with the OEM pipe on my 08 (certainly not bad and still nicely silent), yet I wonder what it takes to adjust the 2006 ProCircuit Ti-4 to my 2008, bike, has any McGuiver here already adjusted it? What does it take? just rewelding the fixation points or does the pipe not pass certain curves? Another option for me would be to keep the OEM muffler (with PB insert) and just substitute the front (curve). Any advice? Tks!

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