Runs rich and no idle

I manage to brake the pilot jet and spent hours gettting the rest of it out. Now my problem is that the bike wont idle anymore and runs extremely rich (black smoke) and goes really bad on higher rews. I have taken the carb out 3 times now to check if there where any pieces of the jet in wthout finding anything, allso checket all the jets and the carb body. I had to take the housing apart to get the jet out and I suppose that its not ment to be done so could it be leakage causing these problems? Any ideas what to look at?

I am starting to think of buying a second hand Keihin on Ebay or an Edelbrock.

Carb settings are PJ #48 mainjet #165

Did you remove the slide? Did you put it back, square end down?

Do you mean you removed ther 'tamper resistant' screws that hold the carb body together? If you did, it is very possible your carb is now junk.

Yes I admit that i took it a part just to se what was on the other side when trying to get the jet out.

Not that you need to hear this now, but if you had carefully drilled the jet and used an extractor (or simply taken it to a machine shop) the damaged jet could of easily been removed. I assume you removed the torx bolts in side the bowl and seperated the halves. Some people have bee able to do this successfully, most have not. Those rubber seals tend to swell and when you try to put it back ogether, they do not fit right, causing all sorts of problems.

I suggest sourcing a replacement Keihen carb. The Edelbrocks tend to be more difficult to get right.

No you are right, dont want to here that now :banana:

Actually I tried to drill it and used a extractor but the soft brass just cracked and the jet was like glued to the body. I should have stoped there and taken it to a machine shop but I guess I have to learn the hard way.

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