wr 450 end can what you recomend?

im after a end can for my 05 wr450 at the moment it has a stock exhaust with the removable baffle removed.

but i find it rather loud and i dont realy like the sound of it either.

what do you guys use or recomend i,d like a quieter end can road leagal with a deeper note if possible.

Just put the Pro Moto Billet insert in. The 450 alreay has beaucoup power and it's nice and quiet. Loud pipes close trails.

best bang for the bike for the 03-06 wr imho is the Dr. D slip on pipe from qualtiysmart...the bike already comes with a yz header so all you really need is the slip on...:banana:

"Loud pipes close trails".....good answer, here's some gas for ya!

stock yz450 end can makes a big differance on power and is not too much louder

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