08 vs 06 yz 450

currently own a 2006 yz 450. want to know how the 06 and the 08 compare.been looking at the rmz and the kxf 450's but feel the yamaha is a better built machine that will last longer any feed back would be appreciated. also own a 07 crf 250 which i am planning on making a 280. thank you.

From what I have gathered from reviewing many previous posts, the '06 motor is best, and the '08 chassis is the best. Some say the ultimate YZ would be to combine the two. (06 motor/08 chassis)

All that said, if you simply put an aftermarket pipe on the '08 then the motor is close the the '06.

Having owned both I would say that the '08 is the finished product of the '06. No major differences but the '08 handles a little better (the front end push is pretty much gone) and the suspension out of the box felt a little more refined. Power-wise the '06 motor has more guts down low and the '08 seems to have a little more up top than the '06. The Dr.D exhaust brought the low end power up very nicely on the '08, but I still think the '06 is better in low RPMs. The factory jetting is better on the '08.

Yep, the 08 frame was the finishing piece for my 450. Pre-08 I could not make the bike "fit" and my cornering was just never confident; granted, riders on other year yz450f's still smoked me...

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