04 YZF450... approx 40hrs.. good cond. need help findnig approx value.

Hey guys.. I normally hang out in the 250F forum, currently own a 04 250F that is immaculate.

A coworker of mine is selling a 04 450F which has annodized Excells, ASVs, Works Connect frame shields, FMF pipe, etc..... has a handfull of mods. He stressed that it is not raced... not beaten on.. and I do believe him. He says its in excellent condition but states that it has 40hrs on it and has already had a valve adjustment.

The guy is getting rid of it because it has collected dust since he bought it 2 years ago.

If this thing is indeed in excellent shape... what would it be worth?

Thanks for any advice....

damn... just realized I put this in the wrong forum... :banana:

Mods could you move this for me?

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