Any one running a wr426 pipe on a 400?

I just sent off for a 2001 wr426 pipe, I plan on running on my 00 wr400.

If you have done this please advise on your set up and results.

THanks in advance

Fits perfect, put my 01426wr pipe on my buddies 00 wr400 no issues. and he no longer has to remove the header to change oil!


I am running a WR426 stainless muffler on my 99 WR 400 with my home made vortip. I don't notice any difference in performance but like the otherpost "it sure looks better than the black one" I think that it too weighs 40 lbs just like the black one though. At the Prospect dualsport yesterday it measured 93 db on the Forest Circus' sound meter, but that was with my own baffle. I know ti would be quieter with the stock one but I left it at home, oh well, it passed which was what I was after any how. I plan on using that baffle on my 450 when it gets here if it will fit.


hey bill, how much for the kdx


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