Carby Swap (426 into 400)

Hi Peoples

Im hoping sombody can help me with this

I have a WR400F (2000) with a worn carby needle carrier :banana: i have priced this part and is $580.00 from the Stealership or AU$465 from the ttshop

i have also been chasing the local bike wreckers and have found a 01 wr426 complete carby which is in mint condition for $450

i was just wondering if this carby would fit and not cause any performance issues besides the obvoius jetting issues which i will have to sort out

any help would be greatly appreciated


Don't see why it wouldn't work fine, you even get the Gen !! carb so should not have the cracking slide plate problems.

It will work better than the Gen 1. You will have to cap off the vacum port on the l/h side of the intake tract that provides vacuum to the hot start octopus, as the Gen 2 carb has the hot start circuit internal to the carb.

Cool Looks like ill be going shopping

Thanks for the advice guys


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