Did any one else get the Sierra Club Mailer

I just received a thick envelope from the Sierra Club mailer, with 10 different pieces of propoganda. The usual stuff like pre-filled out petitions for you congress people. BUT what was most disturbing was the map of Yellowstone Park showing habitat threats to Grizzly bears. It shows, 10 pictures of motorcycles surrounding the parks with 16 bulldozers(road expansion), 7 chains saws (timber) and 8 oil wells. All apparently depicting the threat to the bears and Yellowstone. Now I dont know for a fact , but I highly doubt there are 10 OHV/ORV riding areas immediately surrounding the park.

It is an over simplification of supposed threats, it makes me puke.

Send it back signe with Alfred E. Newman signitures

I had a solicitor from the Sierra Club come to my door one day. I was upstairs, I heard the door bell ring and I heard my wife talking to somebody. I heard things like protect, hikers being able to enjoy for years to come and finally “would you please sign this petition?” I never ran down the stairs so fast.

I asked the guy if he was serious. I asked him if he was blind and he replied excuse me Sir? I then asked him if he noticed the rock crawler built 74 Bronco in my garage parked next to the XR650 and other ATV’s.

The rest goes like this…..Yes Sir but, Slam!

I got the Sierra Club mailer also. Took everything with my name out and put the rest back in the envelope with a piece of the cover of a Blue Ribbon Coalition newsletter. Sent it back to them in their postage paid envelope without the stamp they request to help them with fees. Hope they like it.

Got it, I wonder how many the sent out and what they spent?

I just got back from a week in Yellowstone. No riding areas in the park, of course. But there is one just outside the west entrance in a place called Island Park. If you get a chance, it looks like great riding there, and it's in Montana where they pretty much give the Sierra Club the finger every chance they get.

There is a very minor road expansion underway in the Northeast section of the Park for about 5-6 miles. Hardly anything to get their panties in a bunch over. There is nothing in or around the Park to threaten the grizzlies except tourists that want a closer picture (stupid people) and out of control wildfires. The fires destroy habitat because undergrowth is much too thick, and the fires burn much hotter than natural fires that are left to burn. They kill everything. The National Park Service has been mostly prevented from clearing the undergrowth by, you guessed it, the SIERRA CLUB!

Sounds to me like the only real threat to the grizzlies is the Sierra Club themselves.

Tell a friend.


Oh how I really do wish they'd send me one. I'd use it for toliet paper and ship it right back to them. oldasdirt PS.Actually my Religous beliefs wouldn't allow me to do that. but sending some Blue Ribbon material , sure! :D:):D

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That paper isn't worthy to wipe your arse !!!!


makes you wonder where they get all the paper from... surely not trees - now that would be environmentally irresponsible? :D:)

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yamaha.dude - my beef exactly. I have been torched about this for years. these people preach and preach about saving the forest, etc. Yet they build houses that are ten times the size of mine out of....hmmmm....oh, yeah, lumber from trees! Hypocrites!

yea and they all live in plastic houses. Well there aint no wood under that vinyl siding.

What do you expect from a bunch of fruitcakes that want to drain Lake Powell? Do you think they apply logic to anything? Lets see, we will dismantle a multimillion dollar publics works project that supplies 1350MW of CLEAN electrical power (during a power shortage), drain a vast reservoir (during a drought), and take away $80M in recreational tax revenue and much more in private income (during a recession), so we can have the canyon recover to its "pristine natural beauty" in a few hundred years...

for the story see:


for some good lies see:


Oh yeah, lets reintroduce those cute furry grizzlies to their natural range. We can have corridors of wilderness right next to schools and shopping...

These people should be stripped naked, dipped in bacon fat, and set loose in the middle of Yellowstone park so they can feed the grizzlies they adore so much. Hey, its natural, right? The bears are just doing what any 1000 lb man eating predator does...

Do these people think about anything before they do it or are they to stoned. :)

...Therefore I am I think... :):D Love it!! I will get no sleep tonight trying to disprove THAT!

are you in NevAda or Nevada?

From a fellow Iowegian :D:D:D:D

Originally posted by lewichris:

yea and they all live in plastic houses. Well there aint no wood under that vinyl siding.

Yeah, I'm sure those plastics have no petrochemicals in them either... :)

They also don't mention that the net pollution/energy usage/effect on the environment is greater when they don't use wood. Processing of metals and plastics often uses more energy, utilizes more valuable raw materials, is more damaging to the surrounding areas, and nets out a greater drain on the environment than just sensible use of wood....a renewable resource. These people are sometimes completely out in left field with their crusades.


I was at a Forest Service meeting for the roadless proposal a couple years ago. One of the eco-idiots was giving his testimony. He had dreadlocks, was obviously un-bathed, and wearing your typical "greenie" clothes. At the end of his pathetic tirade, he paused and said, "And I have a message from my brothers in the mountains..." and then he howled to try to sound like a wolf. His greenie friends were ecstatic.

I, on the otherhand, was f--king embarrassed for the human race. I can't believe our gene pool creates and nurtures such stupidity.

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It continues to amaze me that these people are actually taken seriously. Even the more mainstream-appearing types don't have much actual science to back up their claims! That these people can continually influence policy is beyond my comprehension.

I have met some very reasonable people who are concerned with the environment. They are the types who actually do something about it, pay attention to the real science, and typically understand the need for recreational activities on a significant portion of the public lands. I have volunteered locally for cleanups, etc with them. But the activists are just lunatics hell-bent on a mission they can't even describe in intelligent terms. When you subject their claims to reason and logic, it all falls apart. How do they get any attention? Sheesh!


Trendy tree huggers.............are as popular now as trendy homosexuals. They try it because someone else said it was cool. Do what you want but don't screw things up for me. If everyone could share the resources noboby would be put out, including wildlife. I want my kids to enjoy what I have enjoyed. I'm not going to blatantly destroy habitat to get my kicks. I hope this Sierra Club keeps most of its politics out of my country.

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