Sudco, Yamaha, part numbers help please

After getting a voice mail that Yamaha sent me the wrong needle for a second time I thought I would try Sudco. Sudco says that an EKP & DVP are "dealer only" parts so no needles are on their way. &%$#@!?

I assume that the Yamaha microfiche part number must be wrong. The dealer tried twice to order a DVP (5JG-14916-DP-00) and both times received a DKP needle. Anyone know the right number?

And, does anyone know the part number for the EKP as well since Sudco does not sell them?

I will be calling my local dealer tomorrow to sort out what to do with the wrong needle (duh, send it back) and would like to be armed with the correct numbers if they exist.



DVP was the first needle used for gains (here at TT) and the EKP was the next. With your bike and mods (very close to mine) try the EMM or EMN. I just called Sudco and asked for what I needed, no part numbers required.

The jetting in my signature is good but, going to a leaner main and/or moving the needle is my next try at perfection (per taffy).


From the jetting q's thread,


OBEKN 5JG-14916-EN

OBELM 5NL-14916-EM

OBELN 5NL-14916-EN;

OBDVP 5BE-14916-DP.

Sudco's needles should cost a few bucks less.

if you want you can use OCEMN in place of EKN from sudco, it's 1 clip leaner.

Thanks, but you must consider that I am starting at over 6000 feet and gaining altitude from here. I am afraid if the __M needle is a little rich at/below 2000 ft, it would just be worse here.

I hope that between the part numbers from the Jetting Qs and High Altitude Jetting Co threads I can get the right stuff coming from Yamaha. Remember, the sales person at Sudco told me that they did not sell needles, dealer part only. ? :)

Yeah O_N...I would stay away from the __M and __N needles. Altitude didnt work very well with them...

From Yamaha:

5JG-14916-E1 EKQ

5JG-14916-EP EKP

The parts fiche is just tell them you want this part #...

And just like the other thread that was going on a ways back, dont listen to the parts folks...they will give you a look and some really "good" using a 48PJ...and some insanely thin needle...and of course, the 580MJ... :)

Good luck!


The OB- needles are Yamaha only, but the OC- needles are sudco.

OC's are brass I believe, while the OB's are coated aluminum

tbronc, from what I read on the other posts I do believe you are correct on the needles. The point I was really trying to make was I don't think I got Sudco's sharpest sales-person on the line helping me.

Fortunately I did get special help at Apex ordering the rest of my parts. I have become somewhat of an item at the parts counter. Seems they have never had a customer get so into jetting. Usually they only sell the occasional main jet or send the bike back to their service dept (where they replace the occasional main jet). :)

I did have them send back the DKM needle and beleive I have ordered an EKP and DVP needles:

OBEKP = 5JG-14916-EP

OBDVP = 5BE-14916-DP

I guess I'll find out when they get here. If all goes well, I will have quite the colleciton of MJ/PJ/air jets & needles to play with.

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