Scotts Damper Install.... HELP !

Hi Everyone,

I just spent the last couple hours tearing my bike down, lubing steering head bearings.

My problem is with the bolt on bracket for damper. After getting everything installed - damper/triple clamps/pro - tapers the braket keeps turning when I am testing the damper. I backed out both cinch bolts and re-tightened again! The bracket is still not stable. If I turn the damper up to 8 clicks, when turning handlebars fast the bracket moves.

The bracket does slide down flush with top of steering stem. No filing was necessary. What am I doing wrong ? Are these little cinch bolts just plain inadequate ?

Ohhh gee I suppose I should call scotts. But they are already closed !

I figure what the hay, you guys know as much as them anyway.



Even though it fit over the dust seal I had to cut down the seal as per the instructions to keep it from moving. Haven't had a problem since.

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Mine came loose after a few minutes of riding. I called Scott's and their advice was to sand the paint off the frame where the ring sits. Then alternate tightening the screws 1/4 turn at a time. That was 6 month's ago and I have not had any problems since.

You MUST trim the seal just like this one so that the outer ring does not rest on any part of the mounting bracket...


Both of the bolts must be tightened equally or else the mount will tilt and work it's way loose.


The bracket must REST on the frame without any portion obstructed by the welds....If any portion touches it must be ground down.


Lastly, the Dampner MUST NOT be allowed to bottom out on either full left or full right of the steering. If it does, material must be added to the front steering stop. Failure to do so will cause the seals in the dampner to blow when the bike is crashed hard and the dampner goes FULL left or right in it's travel.


Hope this helps....

Bonzai :)

Thanks for the excellent step by step.

Thanks Yamakaze,

Could you clarify how you trimmed down the seal? Did you trim down the outer diameter of the seal?

How did you do it and keep the round shape? I don't know if I fully understand how you did this. I know call me stupid. But I don't trust myself to do this by freehand.

My bracket does rest down just like your Pic shows.

Thanks again,



It was easy, I placed the mount over the seal and then used an exacto knife with a new blade to gently cut around the seal using the mount as a guide.

Give it a shot...Nothing too it.

Bonzai :)

Didn't think about the stops. I will have to check that out given the frequency that I crash. :)



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