hey tt'ers

I am having trouble getting the paj & maj's required to try out the "taffy" jetting set up.

The yamaha dealer can only get a 155 or 200 maj, I want a 160 but they say it isn,t listed.

Has anyone been able to get these parts in australia and if so, whereabouts.

thanks for any help you guys can offer.

I have been lucky, (or else lazy) in my jetting... I know I could tweak it a bit more, but hey, I have fun on the bike, no starting problems, no major problems, a bit of popping or burbling at times... I got a few from my local dealer, some mains, and some needles... if the dealer can't help, then try ballards or one of the big city dealers.. postage would be nothing, so mail order from the US even... Sudco seems to be a good source...



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dont get me wrong, the bike runs/ starts , pulls big mono,s etc and behaves pretty much perfectly most of the time. My problem is I am a bit of a perfectionist in the tuning of my bikes and if I can get cleaner, crisper, throttle response than what I have now, for the cost of a few jets, then why not give it a try.

I have a huge collection of main jets and pilot jets etc, but I cant seem to track down any main AIR jets or pilot AIR jets. All I get is stupid looks from the counter jockeys in the shops up here in cairns. I've had to go behind the counter and show them on the parts fiche myself what an air jet is and where it is in the carb. No one seems game to even try to jet a 400/426 up here,

The local tuning guru in cairns wont even believe that the bk mod is worth trying, too scared of leaning out, "wouldn,t catch me drilling into a perfectly good carb mate", blah blah blah,

From reading jetting Q's and visiting ttalk etc, I think I have a better understanding of tuning and jetting these bikes than any of the local bike shops or mechanics.

I still need to get some air jets over here,

Anyone else got any leads I may be able follow in my quest for two stroke snap out of a four stroke.

I have been in that bike shop, I am sure... :):D and many other shops like it... even with my home theatre system, I knew far more about what I wanted than the so-called experts in the specialist shop I was getting it from... All he could do for me was give me the best price he was able to... I think you may have to get it from overseas, esp. when you come up against that sort of attitude from the local tuner... if it didn't work, we would have stopped talking about it on TT long ago... Do you know specifically what sizes you want? or just a selection?



Try Showandgo in South Australia.

They can supply a pilot air screw to replace the PAJ and should be able to supply MAJ's.

Have Fun


yeah show and go import keihin parts, so if anyone can help they will. They can't get leak jets but give them a go with the air jets, might get lucky. Usually are friendly and good service too.

Yeah they have heaps of mains, as the mains in the FCR's they import are the same as the ones on the YZ/WR's

Good luck.


Also remember that the main jets and other jets are the same on DRZ's and CRF's so you could try a suzi or honda shop as well.

thanks all

show and go in adelaide have got the PAS kit, and MAJ, but not a kouba t handle fuel screw, I wouldn't mind tracking one of those down as well, Has anyone in australia managed to get one of those or know if they're available over here?

thanks again


I have one, got it in the infamous bulk buy (are you recovered yet NH Kevin? :) )

Not sure of the cost of getting a single one... maybe we can get a Aussie bulk buy together... there are some other designs that people have produced to to do the same thing... I think Motoman393 has one on his webpages...


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