White Brothers

Im having a bit headache about the White brothers exhaust systems.

I was first looking for CRD Absolute Power2 but there's no dealer in sweden who sells them anymore. So my choice is ProCircuit or White Brothers, and im going with WB

But my problem is Weather to get the Pro Meg or the S-bend Silencer. Plus what head pipe, Highboy or the Taperd head pipes..

And i would also like to know how loud they are compared to stock in readings. Not that sweden got any problem with the sound ratings, but I dont want to go deaf :)

Also would benching the bike after puting the new exhaust on be neccesarry? cause i don't want to touch the jetting myself since im new to fourstrokes. Not yet Atleast

The bike is a European WR400 -02 It got the snorkle off, and no throttel stop by standard. No baffle in my exhaust :D but it stinks and i need a new one.

All help welcome.



I use the WB Pro-MEG with the tapered head pipe and it really performs great. I read somewhere, that WB recomends the High-Boy head pipe for the Pro-MEG silencer and the Tapered head pipe for the S-Bend Silencer. Not real sure why they say that but the combo I am running works great. The Pro-MEG is a "shorty" megaphone shaped silencer, atleast the 426 version is, which means it is LOUD! Some of my riding buddies claim it is obnoxiously loud but that's only because they are always behind my eating ROOST!! :) Also, the Pro-MEG silencer is a one piece design verses the S-bend which is two pieces held together with a clamp just forward of the cannister. A friend of mine had the S-bend on his 250F and the Pro-MEG just seems nicer with it's one piece welded design. As far as Jetting, I went up on the MAIN jet (168) after I uncorked my stock exhaust and that jetting seemed fine after installing the WB. Just my experience with the WB Pro-MEG.....

Well how about the S-Bend i dont want the Pro-MEG then cause its not what im looking for, not to loud . The S-Bend should be fine then i guess :) anyone got any dB readings of WR400/426 With Stock , and with Diffrent WB Silencers and head pipes?

Im thinking of just buying a WB Taperd pipe and put it on my original exhaust, cause im not looking for power actually :D but hay when im already buying i could might aswell buy the silencer to and go overkill ,cause eventually the WR400 will probably be tame as all bikes go tame after you know them a lot better :D

But first off im buying the head pipe i guess, im gonna split it over two sallerys, cause i need to pay for the bike too :D

But anyways, I cant go wrong with either Pro-MEG or the S-Bend pipes?

And hopefully not with the Head pipes either?

Any dB readings would be warmly welcome :D




I have the Pro Meg with 7 disks and get around 90db from 2 metres.

It is loud, but the performance increase on mine was amazing!

Well 90dB is quite loud, how loud is the stocker from 2 meters?

And how loud is a FMF Q Pipe?

I need to check all alternatives, but im not looking for performance at first, just a header that clears the oilfilter actually :) heh sounds weird maybe, but i don't want to loose the exhaust header everytime i change oil :D since its a whole lot of oil change.

All suggestions on exhaust is welcome :D other brands than fmf and whitebros to :D


Here in Michigan (in the States) are testing procedure is SAE J-1287, where "SAE" stands for Society of Automotive Engineers". This testing procedure puts the microphone 20" (50.8cm) from the end of the exhaust at a 45 degree angle. You can imagine what being this close does to the readings.

After a lot of research I purchased the E-Series ProMeg because it made the MOST power (at the time) and that's what matters (I thought). I slapped it on and the SPL reading was over 100 dB(A). At that point, power didn't matter quite as much so I purchased the quiet core insert and ran 8 discs. That knocked the SPL down to 93 dB(A), but it also put quite a hit on the power too. It also doesn't help that the E-Series has radial sound dispersion.

For comparison, the FMF Q pipe tests about 94-95 dB(A), a bit less with the Powerbomb header.

From what I've seen, the current "quiet kings" are the FMF Q and the CRD systems with the new White Bros. E2 system looking very promising. WB hasn't released a lot of details on it yet though, just some pictures.

Another thought, if Sweden does the Euro thing (not sure), couldn't you order a CRD direct from France over the internet?

I probably can buy it from France or UK.

But my main problem is that i know absolutley jackshit about jetting :D so if i put it on it has to be slap-on-and-run

CRD looks like the kind of exhaust wich you can slap on and just run it, i guess you can with all systems, except you get the most performance out of it by jetting it correctly ?

But as im not looking for power, nor a new exhaust i could just buy a Header ( that clears the oilfilter cover for my WR400 -02 )

But the thing is, putting a new header on a orginal muffler? is that bad? or is that just a preference?


//dw :)

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