NEED 5.2 RCS Ti Shock Spring - ASAP

Hello guys,

I am needing a 5.2 RCS Ti rear shock spring for a KYB shock (I DO NOT want a stock YZF spring, I only want an RCS brand one). I really don't want a used one simply because you never know how much time is on it, therefore I would really prefer a new one. I found some brand new ones on eBay for $100 (YES, $100!!), but they only have 5.0 Spring rate and I am needing a 5.2 If anyone can point me in the direction of finding one of these that are brand new, 5.2 spring rate, and not outrageously priced PLEASE let me know. Thanks!

You are pretty picky in what you want, which means your odds of finding a low priced one are pretty slim.

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