WR/YZ450 Clutch / Decomp Perch on '02 WR426?

Hey guys...looking to remove the decompress perch from my '02 WR426 and replace with a single clutch / decomp perch. Has anyone had success with any WR / YZ single perch swaps? Question on whether the cable will connect the same...


i got rid of my de comp lever and got a set of asv levers for a 450 with hot start and ran my de comp cable to the hot start, and then my hot start on the right side off the brake res. work good for me, hope it helps

Years back I installed a XR replica perch that had both levers on the perch. It worked really well and it was cheap. If memory serves, I got it from Four Strokes Only. Now I have the decomp cam and Dr D hot start on the right side.

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