Springfield, IL area riders?

I am going to be in Springfield IL, the first weekend of August. Is there anyone in the area that has a place to ride or wants to hook up and ride?

Isn't Sprinfield where Homer Simpson lives? DOH!

Never seen a dirtbike in a Simpsons episode, maybe they could do a Sierra club special, where the outskirts of town are ablaze from out-of-control forest fires, and Homer and friend ride YZ450F's to save the day... Perhaps we could have Dr D or RC as special guests... :)

Maybe I just watch too many cartoons... :D

maybe we can do wheelies and roost the Seira Club members that are running from the fire....

I'm just over an hour and a half from Springfield. What kind of riding are you looking for?


the writers probably ARE the see-error club!

We need our OWN reality/comedy/can-you-believe-the-idiotic-reality-of-this-treehuggersh*t TV show! Starring Yamahadude and Yamakaze and the cast of crazies from Thumpertalk...hosted by Ty-the-Destroyer-of-Nature-Davis, and edited by Larry Flint (like: NO editing). Getting me and my new virgin hard drive all excited here...don't EVER trust these infernal machines to keep your secrets or vital information..."Can't find drive C" is worse than a Dear John!!!!! But, I'm BACK!!! :)

Right, send me all the helmet-cam footage you have, and don't edit the sound tracks either, it has to be reality... LOL

Maybe we can all work at the Yamaha factory instead of the Nuclear Power Plant... Dr D And Ty are the homeboy test riders, and Monty Burns is played by Mr Yoshimura, the benign but capitalistic factory owner.

When the Sierra Club offer to buy the factory and make electric tree planters instead of bikes, YamaKaze (Bernie or Ned Flanders - he can choose) and I have to rescue the test riders from the clutches of the Sierra Club, who are hiding in the caves above Springfield, cunningly wearing Grizzly Bear costumes...

Ahpoo, the local Indian Bike Shop Owner, decides to sell Hondas and Kawasakis, and is surprised by the sudden drop in business...

Yes, it could work... LOL


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