Suspension Re-valve: Los Angeles Area?

I've use George at ESP for years. Just checking to see if there is a "WR" guy I should know about.


I've use George at ESP for years. Just checking to see if there is a "WR" guy I should know about.


Enzo (Ross) in Santa Ana used to work for KYB.

I didn't get exactly what I wanted from George on my WR. He's a good guy though. I suspect that I didn't know enough to properly communicate with him.

Second time around, I went to Jason at Fineline Suspension in Huntington Beach. He dialed it in perfectly. I can really push hard through the rocky single track trails now. I cruise like they aren't even there.

Do you have the 46mm forks. Those are the same open bath type forks that are on my 2001 yz250. They are good. However, if you can find some of the 48mm forks (AOSS or SSS) from the 2005 or newer WR's or YZ's, you'll be loving life! I think that those are infinitely more tunable, although it doesn't mean you won't get a great ride out of the ones you have.

Also, check the suspension forum. Dave @ Smart Performance is currently revalving both my shock and forks for my YZ at an extremely attractive price. If he can get it simply OK in the choppy rocks but handle the g-outs and whoops better, then I am going to add air cells and the flexx handlebars. The total price will be the same and the ride will be amazing (I test rode two other bikes with this setup and its a lot better than my $900 revalve job)

Anyways, enough babbling from me. Make some calls...

What about Precision Concepts?

What about Precision Concepts?

I have heard some really great things about them from the desert racing crowd. Apparently, they really know and understand desert setups.

that is true about PC I have rode alot of hondas that they did.Good on high speed woops.On single track,rocks,not good.Who has there 07 wr450 forks,working good ,for single track,rocks,trail riding.have alot of mods done to mine,still not good.

What about Precision Concepts?

thats what i ran in my 06 and now in the 08...i can bomb the desert/baja/dual sport and they work like a champ:thumbsup:

i use george! best that i have found. done all the bikes that me and my dad have owned. all have been far beyond expectation.

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