REKLUSE options

I am installing a Rekluse auto clutch and planned on just the basic model, not the Pro series. I ordered the basic model, but could return it for the pro if I have good a reason to. I wonder if anyone has a good reason to recommend the pro over the basic? Do you folks use overide that much? For wheelies/log crossing? For more speed on downhills? How about the left hand brake? I figure the left hand brake will be nice for steep rocky downhills allowing me to dab when needed. Any thoughts. Thanks.

i'd say if your spending the money for the rekluse,whats a few more bucks for the pro model.i think the pro model helps with making the transition to a auto clutch alot easier.i know when i first put mine in i for the first few rides still used the clutch like i normally would,not to mention it is nice to have for logs, streams,and the occasional buddy thats following to close:lol: personally the pro gives ya peace of mind if you want to ride more aggresively :banana:

I think that the construction on the pro is much better. No spacers and other fiddly bits to worry about.

I also think that the pro hooks up better, I places where the regular one would slip and the pro hooks up.

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