Will a carb off a 426f fit a 400f?

I'm having a lot of trouble with the carb on my yz400f but can only find one off a 426 on ebay. Will it fit and work ok? as they look identical in pics, and i don't want to pay big bucks for a brand new one.

i'm pretty sure the 426 and 400 both have the keihin fcr carb, i would put your jets from your carb in the 426 carb, though.

The 400 has the slant FCR gen 1 carb, so the pilot won't directly swap over, but the 426 carb will bolt right up. You will need to plug the vacuum port on the head from the hot start circuit on the 400. The 426 carb is a nice upgrade, but if you can swing it i'd go right for the 450 carb, you have remote hot start on the bars and the ap settings are fine tuned that much more. From my experience the 450 carb is easier to tune also. You will need 450 throttle cables if you go with that carb, but they do mount in the stock throttle assembly. Hope this helps!

ok i got my 426 carb today and im ready to fit it! what do i need to swap out from the old 400 one, and does anyone know how many turns out the pilet scew needs to have?

thanks as you can tell this is my first 4 stroke lol

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