07 Yz450f...how Good Are They?

I'm still trying to make up my mind on what to ride in 09. I know for a left over 07 YZ450F, what do they handle like stock and are there any problems to be aware of with this model year? I've got an 06 RMZ450 at the moment, they're meant to handle well but I've never been that happy with mine.......could be me I suppose!!!

Well i have the 06 yz450 and i know its supposed to be really similar but has a few upgrades like wave rotors. And i freaking love my 06!

i love mine:thumbsup:

07 has better turning and handling than the 06 look at dirtrider.com

i had the opportunity to pick up a literally brand new 2006 yz450f about 2 weeks ago, and i did. let me just tell you, i took it for a ride this past friday and i absoulutely love it! i also had an 06 crf450 and i think i officially might be a yamaha kinda guy now... lol

Love mine. Highly recommend the promoto billet kickstand.

I sold my 2001 YZ426 this past summer and picked up a 07 yz450 and I love the feel of the bike compared to the 426. The only complaint I have is I liked the bottom end on the 426 allot better. I need to get a pipe for my 07 (stock) and I think that will solve the problem at least that's what I have read. Good luck.

had my 07 for 2 years 127 hrs on it and no problems

I'll give you my complete run-down. Within the last year and a half I moved to Florida with my 2001 YZ426F and then went to a 06' KX250f, then a 04' CRF450 and just recently bought a 2007 YZ450f with 6 hours on it. I got the YZ 3 weeks ago and just this past weekend raced our local hare scramble. Unfortunately I only got to ride the bike on the track the weekend I bought it and didn't get any trail time until the race.

Let me tell you, the bike felt great and did everything very well. I love the power delivery for the trails because it is so linear but it still has plenty of hit for the track. I thought that itturned quite well, not as good as the 04 honda but still didn't seem like I had to man handle it into the turns. The suspension also felt really good. I back the clickers off a little from stock because I wanted it soft for the trail and it worked flawlessly. I was even surprised that even when the trail got rutted wit huge square edge holes and big braking bumps I felt under control.

Something about the way the bike is set up makes it feel much lighter as well. I got to ride my old 426 the sameday (sold it to a guy in our local club) and it felt like I was on a 250f when compared. I did put a little higher rise bar on it but I'm a taller rider at 6'2" and 190lbs. And get rid of the stock tires they are junk. I also got a leftover White Brothers pipe for it and re jetted it. Honestly, the bike was great stock but I like it even better with the bars, pipe and new shoes.

You can't go wrong with a Yamaha and this is one of te best bikes they have made to date. I hope this helped somewhat and good luck! Post a pic if you get one!:banana:

07 has better turning and handling than the 06 look at dirtrider.com

Ditto! 07 is better than an 06

i love mine. 102 hours and counting

I just got an 07 last weekend with very little hours on it. It had an FMF pipe and the kickstand already. My first ride was absolutely thrilling. My favorite dirt bike to date. I'm gonna love it for a long time! You'd have to tweek it a little if you want to ride in the tight stuff on trails. You won't be sorry with it. Right now I think mine's perfect.

i love my 07!.. set it up for you.. with some suspension changes and maybe add a pipe and the bike is a blast!.

I have one, realy like. No problems at all. I don't race just use on the trail. Mine is 100% expect for kickstand. Put a filter on the breather hose nd thats it.

It is an excellent bike, probably the best MXer that can be used for all types of riding without too many mods. I love mine, and honestly don't think there's a better bike out there for a Vet B/C rider that hits the trails as well as the track. Claw hammer reliability and great suspension are the best parts of the bike.

Ok - Here is my 2 cents.

Up until November I had a 2007 KXF 450. Sold it and bought a brand new left over 08 RMZ 450. My buddy bought a 2009 CRF 450 at the same time. Sent the suspension to Enzo revalve and he did not like it - so I traded him (I gave him a little cash on top) so if you are keeping track - thats 3 450's in 4 months.

My review:

07 KXF 450: Ultra strong motor, hard to turn, ate tires, wore me out

08 RMZ 450: Efi is cool - but you could feel every bump on the track, no top

09 CRF 450: Efi is cool again, but this was the most disappointing bike EVER.

Motor was strong everywhere - but it was the worst handling bike I have owned in awhile. So I am at the track and the dude next to me is loving my bike - long story short is that I sold it to him....never guess what I bought today-----

A 2007 ZF450F for $4499 - out the door brand new - rode it today and besides the slight hic-up from the carb (remember I am coming off eFi) the bike is solid everywhere. All I need is a oversized front rotor and I am going racing.

Thats 4 different 450's in 4 months and the YZ450f is the best one. If you could get the RMZ forks to work and add a pipe - it might hang with the YZF but thats alot of money. Read this: Forget about the 09 CRF 450 -its a looker - but it can not turn without jumping out 1/2 way in a rutted turn - same with the KXF 450.

Man I am pumped with YZF........

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