my new mirrors

just fitted a set of "underarm" mirrors, no road tests yet but they look the biz and seem to work superb, convex mirror, metal body, just quality, Hong Kong ebay seller so a bit of hesitation when buying but turned up after a week no probs, these are what Motrax sells in UK for 35 GBP, I got them shipped to third world for 17 GBP, wow


Looks good.

Let us know how it works.

I like the looks of the mirrors. Let me know if you see anyone in the states selling them.

I have very similar but mounted them over the top (basically they are bar end mirrors without the bar end plug, just use the clamps) I did wonder maybe going underneath would be better ??? But on top seems to work fine , you just have to lift your elbow slightly :banana:


I've tried both ways when fitting and both work OK but when fitted under you don't need to move elbows to have full picture

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