Customer Service Does Exist!!

Fellow TT'ers

I just wanted to publicly thank YamaBen for some excellent work in tracking me down an item I was keen to get my hands on (in)...

I saw some Yamaha branded Mechanix wear gloves and having been looking to get a pair of their gloves for a while, I figured I would try and get these with the tuning forks on them...

Yamaha branded MechanixWear gloves

These were never made available in Australia, and I cannot even order plain ones from the Mechanix wear site and have them shipped to Australia - so i have killed two birds with the one stone :). These are almost cool enough to wear as riding gloves... :D

These were discontinued items - but YamaBen searched across the country and found a pair from I think it was Chicago… And had them transferred to him and then he shipped them to me priority, and I had them 6 days later.. I am so stoked… This is what customer service is all about… and I think that anyone who reads TT is clued into that… ask your dealer if he reads TT or something similar… I know Ben was the pioneer of the 450 cam swap, and he is a valued member of this board… I just wanted to let everyone know there is customer service available out there, and Ben really does understand the term....

If you get stuck for something, give the good guys a call...

This is me, with the gloves, and a pretty cool T-Shirt... :D

shirt and gloves

shirt back printing



That's really cool David!!!!!!! :)

LOL, you look like your in trouble with your hands in the air, should have chucked in a crim photo aswell :D, did you get that pimple on your neck?? :), great lookin shirt David,

I was holding a couple of T-bars and an air ratchet (which I suppose could look like a hand gun)... to show the new gloves off... but my daughter took the pics and I didn't realise the background was not the best until we had them on the computer... It is a nice T-shirt,,, bet it's the only one is OZ at the moment... LOL I wore it into the local dealer today and I could see them looking hard at it... wondering if I had been on a holiday... :):D keep them guessing and keen for my business... :D :D


Oh yeah, let em keep guessing, my favorite dealer game :)

They look like a good deal to me. I may have to get myself a pair.

The Mechanix gloves? They are the normal price for the M-Pact ones, just with the Yamaha Branding... Mechanix wear do a lot of private label stuff, as well as the NASCAR and other team stuff... they do a nice pit board as well...

The Yamaha ones were obviously a limited run, they are/were discontinued when Ben tried to order direct from Yamaha for me... That's why I am so pleased he was able to track a pair down anyway...

It's a shame to get them dirty, but at least it will be working on my bike... and the lads bike... he wants a pair for himself now... Guess I will have to get him a ThumperTalk T-Shirt instead :)


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