Stock Number Plate for racin'

Got a buddy with a BRP (2000 650R), and it has the Baja Designs number plate on it. He is happy with that plate, but does not want to run it for races, he'd rather have the stocker, and take out the light.

Any of you guys have an old one laying around that you would part with? If so, let me know. I am sure he would willing to pay a couple of bucks plus shipping.

Let me know via PM.



fyi, the stock number plate off the xr400r works on the 650r as well. in case you or someone you know has one of those laying around. i switch my plate back and forth and i think it looks sort of trick on the 650r.

btw: what kind of racin are you doing in washington state anyway? i thought that place has been turned into a liberal cesspool? do you guys have a decent hare & hound or scramble series? or is it all moto?


Hey SecretAtlas,

Thanks for the heads-up regarding the interchangability of the Xr400 plate. Will let him know about that.

As far as racin' in Washington, I really don't know how "good" it is, but we are fixin' to race in the Northwest Motorcycle Association Off-Road Hare Scramble Series. We rode in a couple of the events last year (Vantage 100 and Rimrock Grand Prix) and both of those events were top-notch.

The different types of terrain that Washington state offers allows for a very diverse series. Desert, mud, mountians, you name it, we got it, and there will be a race through it at some time during the season.

Here is a link to the Norethwest Motorcycling Association calendar:

Click Here

As for all the hype about liberals closing down our riding areas, I address that (from my perspective) in this thread:

Click Here

Sounds like we might be riding together sometime in the near future.......



that's good to know. i grew up on the westside and spent a lot of time riding practice tracks instead of going out and looking for a good offroad series to compete in. plus i thought i was gonna be a pro skier for awhile as well. when i was in college at CWU i found out about the vantage race, but was riding a xr650l at the time and more into the adventure-type riding in college since i couldn't afford to race or didn't have the time.

i'll probably move home in a couple years, either ellensburg or somewhere around sumner which is where my fiance is from. that offroad series you are doing must be the same one that gave us Jonah Street, former honda red rider from ellensburg. he sort of dropped off the radar lately. my dad said he went back to ellensburg and is working for his family business. i imagine he still shows up at the vantage race to show his badassness.

anyway, i bet your buddy will have better odds of finding a 400 plate since the bike has been around and people are willing to get rid of their older plates. strat a trend up there too. i already have a couple of buddies running the 400 plate. not too much of a difference in look, just enough to get people to look twice when you come blasting through checks. they think "holy [censored] honda is out here testing a water cooled version of the 400!" and then you pass and they say "oh it's just some wanker who is too cheap to buy two sets of numbers for his bikes."

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