08 yz450 oil return line

i was trail riding and hit a "hidden" rock in a bush....anyhow, the fitting that the oil breather/return line attaches to on the lower right case has become loose,...and just the volume from the oil pump pushes it out enough to leak while the motor is running. aside from buying a threaded fitting and tapping my case, is there any way to seal/hold this fitting in the case. i pulled the case off and there is no o-ring or snap ring....is there an epoxy that i can use,...maybe something that you would use on an auto freeze plug? i really dont want to slop jb weld on there....

also, when the manual shows how to get to the water pump, they show the fitting removed, just nothing about holding it in place after re assembly.


That fitting is pressed into the case, and is not sold separately. You can try some Loc-Tite 245 epoxy to hold it in, and that may very well work. Your other options are a threaded fitting or replacing the case cover.

BTW, the hose is a pressure balance hose to equalize atmospheric pressure between oil reservoir and the crankcase.

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