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My homemade genturi generator exhaust

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I thought it would be fun to make a home made Genturi generator exhaust extension. It works great. I have since added a piece of foam semi cutout for a 3 inch circle where the horizontal piece of tube contacts the motorhome to keep it from moving and from vibrating.

Parts list:

4 each, 6-32 stainless steel pan head bolts, 1/2 inch long

4 each, 6-32 fiber lock nuts

2 each, 1/2 inch wide, 1/8 inch thick, aluminum stock, 6 inch length

2 each, electrical 1-1/4 inch conduit coupler

1 each, 1-1/4 inch conduit elbow

2 each, 3 inch drain pipe, 4 foot length (longer if your motorhome is tall). You want at least 1 foot above the roof line.

1 each, 3 inch drain pipe, 1 foot length, with cutout

2 each, 3 inch drain pipe couplers

2 each, large suction cups with built in hooks

1 each, large bungee cord

1 each, 3 inch hose clamp

4 wing bolts, 1/4-20 thread size









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Did it make it any queiter

Not that I could tell, but it routes the exhaust up and over so no more stink in the motorhome with the generator running. The gap between the elbow and the pipe sucks in fresh air keeping the pipe cooler and dilutes the exhaust. My camping neighbors will love it, no more stink!

It breaks down in less than 2 minutes, so it is not a pain to install or remove and tuck away.

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Hey, that's pretty cool! I shelled out a few bucks to buy one for my daughter and her husband as a "Toy hauler warming" gift.

Their gennie is on the passenger side and under the awing (poor design if you ask me) and would exhaust right into trailer and to camp circle. The Genturi made a big difference.

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