GREY WIRE where is the plug cant seem to find it

Where do I unplug the grey wire or do I cut it ? I am only able to find a multi pin connector is there a grey only plug?

Yes inquiring minds want to know, please. Tim

well if you cut you cant go back where if you unplug it and tape it off you can return it to stock if nessaary in the future

I had a hard time pulling the gray wire out of the plug, so I just cut it. If I need to put it back for some reason I could just use an in-line splice and throw some heat shrink around it. How do you get the gray wire out without cutting it?

After you undo the connector plug....I can't remember if it was the male or female side....inside the plug there's a little tab that you need to hold down with a small screwdriver....this is when you need a third hand...your two, to hold the connector and the tab down and in my wife's hand to pull the wire out the back side of the connector.

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